Brandi ~ I was already well addicted to nappies when I met Lisa- and she hasn't helped there, in fact I'm currently wondering how much my soul would sell for on ebay to fund more fluff. But, she is brilliant! I don't know where she finds the time but she always answers each and every one of my queries (and I do a lot of querying...) And as for using cloth- I would never go back to disposables- even if they were free! there are too many benefits to list but for anyone thinking of using them, just TRY IT! In the worst case scenario you can sell them on if they don't work for you.

Erin ~ Lisa is such a lovely person and shes great to do business with!! 
I love my monk n bear nappy that ive recieved! 
I cant wait untill i have more money to buy lots more from her!!

Rebecca ~ Just wanted to leave a note to say that not only have I been converted to the cloth nappies and have one super happy in love with his fluffy bum 2 yr old but Lisa is so lovely and helpful and patient. I would 150% recomend just going to a meet or having her come over to show the range as you can not get any idea what it is like just from looking at websites :)

Anjela ~  I never knew nappys could be so cute, fun and addictive! Lisa is fantastic, she came and did a demo for me explained everything i needed to know and showed me some gawjus fluff, I was easily converted LOL I now have a 19weeks old little princess in cloth and would never go back to disposables and has also converted a friend. Thank-you for all your help Lisa x 

Claire ~  I wanted to use cloth with my first two children but it was quite a hefty outlay for something I knew nothing about! I met Lisa when my 3rd child was a year old and after she came out and did a demo, I turned to cloth.
She fully explained all the different types, the pros and cons of each and of course the cost, there was no pressure just expertise and her own personal experience.
I now have a 2 month old daughter and she has been in cloth since birth and am now fully addicted!
I would NEVER go back to disposables now, they are a complete waste of money, even if they were free, I still wouldn't use them.
I love telling people about the wonders of cloth and showing off their goegeous nappies.
Thanks Lisa

Lisa ~ I've used disposables for 10 months and still have a few to use up but when I try and put them on my little one now, she cries! Lisa is so helpful, even gathering up my order at a moments notice so I could come and collect my fluff (I couldn't wait any longer!) There's only one negative and that is you WILL become addicted to all things fluff related, you have been warned!

Amanda ~  My son is 2 months now and we've used cloth nappies since he was a couple of weeks old (actually I think Lisa put his first one on as I thought he was still two small for them....she was right, they fitted fine!). I can honestly say that I would never switch to disposables ( I used these with my daughter) as I find cloth so easy! Friends have commented how neat they are and one has said that if she'd realised that they could have a 'normal sized' bum in cloth that she would have used them too as her only experience of them was seeing a baby at a mother and baby group when our firsts were babies and thinking how big baby's bum looked! Also I can honestly say that my son hasn't suffered with nappy rash once whereas my daughter did from time to time, this could be fluke but I reckon the nappies have something to do with it and they look SO cute! I think the council's scheme is a great idea and Lisa is lovely, she really seems to do her best to accommodate when arranging to meet up for a demo!

Leanne ~ Expert advice and knowledge at the end of the phone!!!! Had re-usables from when my daughter was born but changed to yucky disposible when she started nursery thinking it would be easier!!!! I was wrong!!! I never knew there was so much choice and so many different styles and designs in cloth!!!! Not only that but advice on how to care for them and look after little tushies that you just can't find any where else!!! Recomended to poo-phobic friends and they have also been converted!!! lol

Ursula ~  What can I say, Lisa is just simply the best! She knows loads about cloth nappies and is always willing to go that extra mile to find the best solution to any problem you may be having with your cloth nappies. I have become a complete cloth nappy addict since meeting Lisa who was recommended by Lancs council, she introduced me to all the pretty, cool and funky fluff when I had only really considered plain stuff!
Thanks Lisa!

Sammi ~ If your thinking of changing to reuseable nappies or are currently using them and are looking for advice or a change then "Birth2Potty" is what you need. Lisa covers so many things, I am pleased I was introduced to such a great person. My son (10 months) has had a hard time with his disposable's he was always getting rashes and leaks but since I changed with the help of "Birth2Potty" I would never go back, there is so much choice and brands to die for she gives Mothercare a run for there money.

Anne Claire ~  I 'd just like to tell you about my experiment with reusable nappies.After having five children I thought that I'd done enough damage to the environment using disposable and decided to use reusable for my new addition!(well not so new now as she is 6 month!..)I phone the council who put me in touch with Lisa and I never looked back.
She really knows her stuff and I did trust her 100%as she uses them on her own two little ones.She even show me how to put my first reusable on my baby and was spot on on how many nappies I'd need as I am quite busy with my tribe!
I am totally converted!They are fab for day time or night time even for my baby's very sensitive skin!Well,I did have a little misap the other day when I lifted my baby out of her bouncer and somehow moved her very full nappy so most of the mess ended up on my arm but not her clothes!... I personnally opted for the all in one weighing the pro and cons with Lisa and my baby's bum looks gorgeous in her zebra print one!..

Kellie ~ If you want to start using real nappies get Lisa to come round, she has lots of nappies-something for everyone. I was already using reusables when we met and agreed with Lisa the nappies that i liked/disliked. So much choice, its really good to be guided in the right direction. Ive tried to introduce friends to cloth... It gets addictive!!

Lisa ~ What can I say?! Lisa is a gem and Monk N Bears are my new FAV cloth!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Thanks Birth 2 Potty!! You rock our world!! x

Jill ~ Lovely friendly service from a fellow cloth addict. Lisa is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun to be with. Can't wait for the shop to open!!!

Anna ~ I bought a Monk N Bear from Birth 2 Potty - the communication was great, the p&p reasonable and quick and the nappy is DIVINE. What more can you ask for? Very pleased and wouldn't hesitate to use again :)

Naomi ~ i would like to say what wonderful and professional service i have received dealing with birth 2 potty. a pleasure to deal with and i have had plenty of support and help from you. i look forward to coming to meet with you on the opening of your new shop. i cannot recommend you highly enough to all my friends and to your future perspective customers! 10/10! :)